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ClimateQ&A v1.4 now has access to 250 million research papers from

ClimateQ&A version 1.4 introduces an experimental feature with the access to, providing users with over 250 million scientific papers in addition to existing IPCC and IPBES reports. This update responds to the demand for wider access to recent scientific research, allowing for exploration of topics not covered in standard reports. The feature includes algorithms for searching, ranking, and summarizing relevant papers, aiming to facilitate direct access to current scientific knowledge.

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ClimateQ&A now features image interpretation

ClimateQ&A version 1.3 introduces a new feature that enhances explanations with relevant images, significantly improving the interpretation of complex scientific reports from sources like the IPCC and IPBES. This feature, still in its experimental phase, leverages multimodal Large Language Models (LLMs) to index image descriptions into a search engine.